In Whom I Am Well Pleased_Final

My second book is a work in progress.  In Whom I Am Well Pleased is the slightly ironic title of a nonfiction work that jumped the line in front of the second novel I had been planning.  Starting with the events of August 24, 2014, the day my son Matthew took his life, it chronicles both his youth and growth into an “All-American Boy” and subsequent downward spiral after achieving his dream jobs of N.Y.C. Firefighter and Jones Beach lifeguard, as PTSD steered him toward substance abuse and depression.

As you might imagine, writing Matt’s story, and recounting the fallout for his family that followed, is difficult, but it’s an assignment I feel I’m meant to complete.  No, I’m not at all pleased with how things turned out, but neither do I believe that the terrible ending was the defining moment of his life.  His mother shares this view, and we both felt we were forgetting too much during the first two years following his death when I couldn’t even think of starting this project.  There is plenty of sorrow and regret, but simply way too much goodness and love that needs to be remembered.

Once I did begin writing, the initial chapter went quickly.  I knew what I wanted to say, and it just came bursting out, like a secret I’d kept too long. There’s no shortage of material, only time, and I will keep you posted on my progress.